Selling a Little Empire - XS-IV Sports

Years ago, I believe it was 2011, i started working full time at XS-iV sports in Estevan SK. This was and continues to be a very very important establishment in the small community. Chris and Judy Istace, father and mother, motocross racers, competitive body builders, successful brand owners, the list goes on and on, have decided to sell their little empire after 14 years of being in business.

Now although they have an arsenal of achievements and unofficial titles, one word comes to mind when I think of these 2, “Inspirational.” Both Judy and Chris have been very crucial members of their communities and both have  auras that absolutely captivate and take over the room. This power couple Moved 2000 KMs from their successful brand, and did it all over again. Not only do they have a new brand, but they find themselves again, being crucial people in their community.  Now thats inspirational.

I wish them both a life of continued success, and truly look up to both Judy and Chris not only as business owners, but as amazing human beings.

Heres a link to the Century 21 page where you can become the new owner of this little empire.