Serendipitous British Columbia

Do you know how f*cking weird it is to make friends when your 22 years old? Im sure there are some readers that do understand, and some readers that think its not really that difficult. For the few that walk into a room, smile, and connect with the majority, I truly envy you. 

 As some of you may know Logan and myself (Luke) have recently moved to Victoria BC, and for those unfamiliar with the whereabouts of Victoria, you go as far west as you can, then float or fly a little further until you're on an island. Its quite the adjustment replacing fields of wheat with the menacing ocean and those rolling hills with ginormous mountains. Nonetheless its absolutely stunning out here.  Now Logan and I have "went out" a handful of times but for us it has always seemed to be a very unnatural thing to break the ice and "chat it up", BUT we've always had each other. If things got awkward ( I mean, when things got awkward ) we could just slide away and talk amongst ourselves in the corner. More recently Logan has moved elsewhere, which is rather scary to say the least. Who am I supposed to dip out early with? Who am I supposed to dream and brainstorm with while others drink?!

So here I am, on the island with literally no connections, but online dating came in clutch. I follow my girlfriend around to all of the functions she feels obliged to go to and introduce myself then kind of just wait around. Its very strange without my best friend/business partner. Don't get me wrong, people do engage in conversation with me but as much as I am making it sound tough and depressing, I cant and wont just REPLACE the person I've spent a decade with. 

Its a Sunday and my girlfriend is invited to a party, which means, Im going too. We walk into a house full of drunk humans in their 20s, the birthday boy/host is so drunk his head is in the toilet, and his roommate is now hosting the party. The "west coast bud" is being passed around so we showed up as things are slowing down. Perfect! The friendly roommate asks me what I do. I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to share ELEVEN03. If I crush this pitch with confidence, I win, and if it gets awkward, these beautiful people wont remember, sooo I win! I share our story, grab the laptop and half the phones in the room, and load our social media and website on their devices. I tell them that we love Complex (a streetwear store downtown Victoria) and how I wish to be in there without sounding to desperate. As it turns out, the recently crowned host of the party, is a photographer and has shot for Complex. HOW SERENDIPITOUS! A few minutes ago I was feeling like my usual introverted self, and now Im feeling that intrigue and those creative visions pop out of my head like fireworks! Next thing you know, my girlfriend is dragging ME out the door while I'm still "chatting it up".

 I am still getting to know Fraser Evans every day, but as you can see by the photos below, this shall be a great connection, partnership, and friendship.