Social media can be pretty cool sometimes, and this was one of those times. Josh Campillos is a young up and coming photographer from Saskatoon,SK. We started following him a few months back on Instagram and over those months we went from liking each other's photos, to commenting on some photos, to setting up a shoot. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. 

We have always been huge fans of the urban tone of Josh's photographs and getting a chance to shoot with him was awesome. In an effort to capture this tone we met Josh in Downtown Saskatoon, an area he was familiar with. The shoot took us through the back alleys and parking garages of Saskatoon where he got some great looking shots.

We knew right away that Josh would vibe well with us. We talked music, photography and apparel, and he pretty much gained himself instant ELEVEN03 Squad status. This kid has his finger on the pulse of the street wear culture and had some great ideas for new Eleven03 gear. We are very excited to have Josh on board as a photographer and brand ambassador for ELEVEN03 Apparel.

Check out the first of many look books with Josh Campillos below. 

Models: Jayden Schindel, Ryan Oman, and Logan Tanner