Last year we had one hell of a time trying to get a proper winter collection out, with suppliers backordering products and embroidery shops not understanding what we wanted it lead us to not having the items that we wanted to release. Needless to say this winter has gone a lot smoother, but we still are late to the game with toques. But hey better late than never!

Last fall we ordered around 50 blanks in hopes to get them embroidered and save on costs by not ordering directly from embroidery shops. This lead to all sorts of headaches while trying get them done and eventually us putting them aside till this year. This year we had a lot of confusion again while trying to get them done, although when I got back to the Valley I was able to talk to Parkland Embroidery and to my surprise there was no problems getting them made, besides bringing them in during a busy time so it has taken a bit of time to get them, but they are done!

The other day I asked if I could come in and take photos of the process, which turned out being really cool. I got to ask a ton of questions, probably bordering on being annoying, about the process of embroidery and how it works. I like to know exactly what is getting done to our product and understand every aspect of our production process so I was very grateful they let me come in.


When I saw those stitches going into the toques I was so stoked for the headaches to be over and to finally have these beanies done!

Because it is nearing the end of the season we have decided to sell these at below retail value and try to move as many as possible. They will be an even $20 and if you are interested you can shoot me a text at 306-290-4194.