Jordan Hills - Esquire Barber Shop

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Brandon, MB to go see our good friend Jordan Hills. Jordan, Luke, and myself go way back. We made our first bands, clothing companies, and skate/bmx videos with him. 

Jordan was our first friend to take up a "cool" job. I remember him telling me he was apprenticing at a barber shop. At the time I didn't think too much of it, but I later realized how rad this trade actually is. A few years ago for a college assignment I went to Brandon to spend a day with Jordan and take photos for a calendar. He shared this quote with me:

"Every time you cut a clients hair it's like hanging out with a good friend for half an hour. You talk about what happened over the past month, talk current events, you know shoot the shit. 


When he told me this is when I realized barbering is not just cutting hair, it's getting to know people on a daily basis, every half hour or so your having a new conversation and learning about something new. As time goes on these people become your friends and then getting your haircut becomes a way of keeping in touch with these friends on a regular basis. 

Getting to catch up with Jordan was great and spending the day at the shop he works at showed me that the quote he said a few years back still holds true to this day more than ever. He had people waiting for him to be free rather than going to a different barber, they put their trust in him, they enjoy his company, and most importantly they leave feeling better than when they came in.

Check out the photos we got from the shop and if you find yourself needing a haircut in Brandon, MB be sure to stop by Esquire Barbershop and say hi to the crew.