ELEVEN03 is showcasing in the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival

If you haven't seen from our posts lately we will be showcasing in the upcoming Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival Runway.  

This is a huge opportunity for us and we could not be more grateful to the festival and it's organizers. Beyond it being a great opportunity for us there it is a wild case of the stars aligning. 

About a year and half ago we attended an event hosted by SFDF and shortly after we began working on our handmade garments. At that event we told ourselves that when we were confident with a full collection of handmade garments we would try to get into SFDF and have that be our unveiling to Saskatoon of the new direction we were going in. 

Fast forward to about a month or so ago. We had just wrapped on shooting a look book for our first drop of our handmade collection and we saw a tweet for the application to be in the SFDF Runway on Nov.5. I had planned on applying for the festival that week and then the next day I woke up to a message from one of SFDF's staff asking us if we were interested in showcasing. This was insane to see. We were being asked to showcase in a festival we had wanted to unveil our handmade collection in before we could even apply. 

It's insane how the universe works sometimes. We finished our handmade collection right before the festival and come Nov.5 we will be having the unveiling we had envisioned over a year ago. 

This will be a celebration for us as we start the next chapter of this brand, a celebration for the festival as they celebrate their 5th year, and it is sure to be one hell of a weekend. 

We hope to see all of our family and friends come out and celebrate with us and if you can't come to the event be sure to come to marketplace taking place at the Delta Bessborough on Saturday Nov.5 and Sunday Nov.6 and come say hi, meet the team, and check out our current selection of product. 

You can purchase tickets here. 


Logan + Luke