1103 MAIN

Today we move out of 1103 Main. 

One year ago I (Logan) made the move to Saskatoon after months of flirting with the idea of moving and living out a childhood dream that Luke and I had of starting our own brand.

We had no idea what would come of the move. We hadn't lived in the same city for over 5 years and we only saw each other for short periods of time once or twice a year. Long story short, we had become different people then we were when we saw each other every day growing up in Swan River.

One thing we did know for sure is that we work well together. We have been collaborating together on creative projects for over ten years. These included shooting skateboarding and bmx videos, making comedy sketches, making music with multiple bands and music projects, or even working on previous fashion projects.

Not long after moving in together we realized that nothing had changed. Since the move we have picked up right were we left off, collaborating on almost every creative endeavor in our lives.

When we started developing the brand we set out to create a brand that would allow us to continue collaborating on all the things we are passionate about while learning about other people's lifestyles and passions. This is where the idea of Every Person. Every Lifestyle. came from.

When it came time to come up with a name we brainstormed for a while, but none of the names were resonating with us. Then in somewhat of an "aha" moment we thought of ELEVEN03. It brought us back together in the same place, it was the reason the brand existed in the first place, and it resonated with us.

That is when ELEVEN03 Apparel was born. 

Today we move out of 1103 Main, which is a bit of bummer, but today also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ELEVEN03 story, which we are very stoked for. 

So long 1103 Main.