Every Saturday


It seems to be a reoccurring thing for the ELEVEN03 crew to get wild on Saturdays. After working all week it makes sense for us to take complete advantage of our days off right? The topic of our drunken conversations usually ends up being ELEVEN03 and what we're dreaming up for the company.

We must of had something in our drinks last night because the passion was flowing. On several occasions bystanders to our conversations were intrigued enough join in. We had explained the story behind ELEVEN03 and what our dream is. It was refreshing to get to the core of the humans we were speaking with. We met a commercial pilot, an engineer, a student in geology, and a carpenter, and every single one of them could relate to the passion in our story. It is very rare  that you get to what a person is passionate about and what they love on your first interaction, but when you share the concept of every person every lifestyle, it gives people a platform to talk about what they are passionate about. This is why we started ELEVEN03. 

This gallery is a little recap of our Saturday night, It was full of booze, friends, good music, good vibes and comfy sweaters. 

We hope to keep meeting you amazing people and connecting on what we love.

Take it easy, ELEVEN03