Hometown Hockey Saskatoon

Welcome to the official ELEVEN03 blog,

Today our team had the honour of meeting Canada's own Ron Maclean at Roger's Hometown Hockey. We thought this deserves our first post. With our sign in hand and all of us with ELEVEN03 gear on we were attracting a lot of attention, which was the plan. After holding our ELEVEN03 sign diligently in the air for all of the cameras to see, a producer from the Hometown Hockey crew came and told us we needed to put it away.

Although this rained on our parade, we followed up by not only meeting Ron Maclean but receiving his autograph on our ELEVEN03 sign! We tried giving Ron a "ELEVEN Oh Tee"  but he said "That's unfair, Ill order one." So we are holding you to it Ron!

Enjoy the photos and keep checking in for all the excitement the ELEVEN03 team gets into!

Take it easy,